The relinquished Harmonizing Sales Tax (HST) on April 1st 2013 has reduced the costs of  home renovations.  Homeowners will now pay five percent GST on labour costs as opposed to the full twelve percent HST charges for renovation services. Now is the time to move on that long awaited renovation.  Call now or fill in a Renovation Request Form on our website  and commit to that renovation.


Bamford Construction Ltd. is, once again, participating in this year’s North Shore Trade Show at Karen Magnussen Arena. Join us on March 22nd., 23rd. and 24th. for an opportunity to discuss renovation ideas and to see our latest kitchens, bathrooms and exterior work. Book your spring renovations and save with the April 1st sales tax revisions.

Blueprint for Success

The January 2013 Contractor Advantage magazine contains an article by Peter Forbes on avoiding potential “surprises” when doing a home renovation.   Before starting any renovation project, Forbes urges home owners to view the film entitled, “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House“.  It “instill[s] a dose of reality … about the potential “surprises” that inevitably crop up…”, says Forbes.   Bamford Construction couldn’t agree more.  The film takes a humorous look at both potential technical and human trials  that can be experienced when doing a home renovation or when building your dream home as is the case in the film.  It begins with a couples’ initial renovation ideas, plans, designs, changes and construction, to the final completed project.  As Forbes comments, the challenges confronting the Blandings is as real for clients renovating today as it was in 1948 when the film was produced.  As such, viewing this film is an excellent (and entertaining) preliminary step to success in any home renovation.

Renovation Phases

PRELIMINARY PHASE: When you contact Bamford Construction or submit a Renovation Request an agent will: Make a complimentary site visit to review the feasibility of the project Typically provide a rough estimate of the overall project cost Provide a typical time period for the project PRE-CONSTRUCTION PHASE: After the Agreement to Proceed, Bamford Construction will: Work with the homeowner to finalize construction details. Provide a more accurate forecast of the project cost Establish a contract with the Owner Provide a schedule for the project Arrange all sub-trades and material needed for the project CONSTRUCTION PHASE: Bamford Construction implements and supervises the many stages of your renovation project: Building Permits Demolition Excavation Concrete Drainage Structural modifications/Framing Plumbing/Electrical rough-in Flooring Cabinets/Finish Carpentry Painting Building Inspections Final Cleanup