The GVHBA (Greater Vancouver Home Builder’s Association) Renovation Council’s PARADE OF RENOVATED HOMES, presented by FortisBC, takes place on SUNDAY, JUNE 8, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

This is an opportunity for you (the homeowner) to walk through professionally renovated homes by GVHBA renovation contractors, speak to renovators on-site and gain inspiration for your future renovations.

Please join us on June 8th for this unique and popular one-day event. You can purchase your passport at 2573 Kilmarnock Crescent, the site of Bamford Construction’s kitchen renovation, to view this and other renovation projects included in this year’s parade across Metro Vancouver.


Bamford Construction Ltd. now adds a Ron Thom designer home to its many completed renovation projects. Bamford Construction works closely with owners to achieve changes they want while retaining the style and integrity of the original design. Large tiled flooring, natural wood ceiling, beams, and many of the plywood panel walls unique to Ron Thom designs were retained.  White closet panels and the insertion of a glass showcase creates a sense of spaciousness to the entrance area. Thom’s natural wood panels in the bedroom blend with scenes of nature seen through original high glass windows that run horizontally above the end wall.   The sense of expanse obtained by the windows is enhanced by retaining the end panels but replacing one panel wall with white gyproc and white sliding closet doors. The white bricks of the fireplace covered in gyproc give it a smooth finish and retains the original crisp lines. 

The former woodburning fireplace is substituted for an exposed gas insert.  While sharp lines of the gas insert duplicate the clean-edged fireplace walls,  the natural stones of the insert add soft organic lines and bring a touch of nature indoors. A partial kitchen wall and door is replaced with a double-paned glass patio door.  This, next to a series of glass windows on the same wall, overlooks a glass-covered patio.  The overall effect is a sense of expansion and continuity between the indoor and outdoor kitchen living space.

Here are some before and after photos of the Ron Thom designer home renovation.


For more images of this house check John Bentley’s blog at:


Join us at this year’s North Shore Trade Show at Karen Magnussen Arena on March 21st, 22nd and 23rd.

– View various home renovations by Bamford Construction Ltd.

– Discuss your renovation ideas with a professional home renovator/contractor.

– Arrange a free site visit appointment.

– Book your spring renovation project.

– Start dreaming about a future home renovation.


The following is a list of steps to selecting a renovator suited to your renovation project. Use the same steps and procedures with each potential renovator to ensure each company is bidding on the same project scope and information; also to ensure their estimates are as accurate as possible for comparison purposes.

. Prepare a list of questions for the potential renovators in advance and be prepared to discuss your project in detail. If possible, have professional plans prepared before meeting renovators.

. Meet renovators individually to discuss the project and to obtain practical and technical information regarding your plans.

. Obtain information about past projects and experience from potential renovators. Ask about their business, crew and contractors they use.

. Request a general estimate to assist you in budget planning. Keep in mind that a renovator can only give you a general figure and not a detailed price at your first meeting.

. Follow up on references provided by each renovator.

. Ensure potential renovators have the skills and experience needed for your project. Check with previous clients about specific work done by the renovator.

. Review and compare each renovators detailed estimate to be certain that everything is included. If each renovator bids on the same information, the bids generally fall within the same price range. If there is a huge discrepancy in price, review each bid in detail checking such things as material quality, taxes applied, specific work included, warranty, etc. Check for renovator liability insurance and worker’s compensation. Professional renovators carry insurance and worker’s compensation.

. Contract – Obtain a written contract outlining the work, materials required, projected start and completion dates, price and payment schedule. Professional renovators usually provide a standard contract.

Following these steps to choosing a renovator will instill confidence in your choice before investing in a project. Following these steps will also provide peace of mind in knowing that your renovation will be done properly and professionally.

For more information on hiring a renovator and obtaining renovation contracts, check the Canadian Home Builder’s Associations website www.HiringAContractor.com and their “Get It In Writing” program.


Bamford Construction Ltd. is participating in this year’s Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association

Ask a Pro Renovation Seminar + Expo.

We will be on hand to answer all your renovation questions from the initial design stages through the renovation process.  Learn more about Municipal and City Building Permits, costs and requirements as they pertain to your renovation plans.  See samples of various building products and suppliers used by Bamford Construction Ltd. and other  participating renovators in this year’s Expo.

Please check the event details at (http://www.gvhba.org/events/EventCalendar/#id=464&cid=120&wid=901&type=Cal)  and join us on May 16th with your renovation questions.